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Gun Technology for Cops

Should gun owners be required to apply this technology?

WATSONVILLE, Calif. (AP) — A Silicon Valley startup has developed technology to let dispatchers know when a police officer’s weapon has been fired.

The latest product by Yardarm Technologies would notify dispatchers in real time when an officer’s gun is taken out of its holster and when it’s fired. It can also track where the gun is located and in what direction it was fired.

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Phil Wowak, whose agency is among two testing the technology, said it will allow the sheriff’s office to see whether deputies are in trouble and unable to ask for assistance.

“That’s the worst nightmare for any police officer in the field,” he said.

The system will not include a remote disabling mechanism. Yardarm was pursuing that technology and demonstrated it at a conference in Las Vegas last year, but it has since abandoned that effort, according to the Capitola, California,-based company’s marketing vice president, Jim Schaff.

Yardarm’s system would have triggered an alarm on an owner’s cellphone if a gun had been moved, and the owner would then have been able to hit a button to activate the safety and disable the weapon.

Schaff would not say exactly why the company gave up on remotely disabling guns. Gun rights advocates have raised serious concerns that so-called smart gun technology could be used to limit their access to weapons.

The developers insist their latest technology is not creating a smart gun, but rather is “police gunfire tracking technology.”

Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, said his organization isn’t opposed to the particular technology Yardarm is developing and other smart-gun technology.

“What we do oppose are government mandates requiring all gun owners to adopt the technology,” Paredes said. “If law enforcement wants to adopt this technology, that’s great. Just don’t make every gun owner adopt the technology.”

Smart gun technology has been around for decades, but technological advances and recent large shootings have prompted more than a dozen smart gun companies to begin developing weapons. Some began selling in gun shops this year, but analysts say controversy surrounding the technology could limit sales.

The technology that tracks an officer’s gun relies on the Internet and requires a small device that can fit in the handle of most police handguns. It connects to the officer’s smart phone using Bluetooth.

“The officer simply inserts it into the back of the firearm, and now it’s installed. They don’t even know it’s there anymore,” Schaff said during a recent demonstration.

Yardarm is paying for the test in the hopes they can develop the technology nationwide and charge departments for it next year.

Schaff said the company has not yet determined a price.



Associated Press reporter Paul Elias contributed to this story from San Francisco.

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Cop Culture Facts


A Darker Shade of Blue

A Darker Shade of Blue

Cop Culture Facts:

Most individual demographics creating a significant relationship with job performance appeared early in the career but were neutralized within several months of gaining experience on the streets.

As an example, recruits with military backgrounds initially reported high levels of motivation, organizational commitment and needs satisfaction. Within the first few months of actual police experience, those levels dropped to equal the measures of the recruits who reported no military experience.

This decline may be linked to the decreasing expectations about what the job actually involved after graduating from the academy and adopting the veteran officers’ apathetic attitude that hard work isn’t linked to a system of reward or recognition.

From A Darker Shade of Blue


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Cajun Quick Fix

Cracked Cross_Fotor_Collage

A Cajun Murder Mystery Series is now easier to follow. It’s like watching TV, only you get cool points for reading the singles.

Each episode is a continuing series of intense short stories. No time to read? No problem – These singles are designed to get your Cajun fix quick.

Episodes 1 thru 4 –
Episode 5 – Crooked Cross –
Episode 6 – Cracked Cross –

Please join me on facebook at Cops Writing Crime 

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Fit by 50 / wk 5

2014-08-20 15.06.38

Seems like someone is always celebrating a birthday at the Thibodaux Police Department. This week was my Administrative Assistant’s special day. She’s been every Chief of Police’s Admin for the last 38 yrs. Happy Birthday Kim Robicheaux. Lori Cortex, the super cool lady in green has a birthday this weekend – Happy b-day to you too.

How does an office birthday party factor into a Fit by 50 post?

You got it… Cake. Not just one deliciously moist slice, but two. I would’ve gone for a third, but someone said something about sharing.

I’m not competing for Mr. America, so I’m not sweating the cake. Sweets are also no longer a part of my regular diet. But you gotta celebrate the special moments in life.

Helping my decision was that I blasted a crossfit workout before sunrise. I’m loving the structured high-intensity sessions monitored by a trained instructor. Amazing how the mind effects performance – I’ve learned that when “I Can’t”, becomes “I Can” – then I’m truly on the road to rocking 50.

So, you can have your cake and eat it too. By the way, who came up with that saying? How insane to expect someone with cake to not eat it. Just not every day okay?

Big News:

What does the Warrior Dash, a NYT Best Selling Author, Cops-n-Kilts, and kicking cancer in the can have to do with each other?

Answer – Next week


1. Maintain sensible diet {Check + cake}

2. Exercise at least 4 times next week {Check}

3. Buy new scale but not obsess over readings. {Scale? Don’t bother with it}

4. Encourage you to join me and share experience and commitments. {Come on, I know you’re out there}

5. Be positive about the quest for fitness. {Check – easy to be positive about feeling loose, limber and healthy}

6. Don’t skin shins during box jumps (Okay, so I threw in a WOD term) {No box jumps this week, so I was safe}


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Fit by 50 / wk 4


cycle brr_Fotor

Week 4. Really, week 4 already. That only leaves XX weeks until the Big 50. Whose counting anyway.

A funny thing happened at crossfit this week. Actually several things happened, but I’ll keep hush on those. We worked to find our max weight in squats.

That means how much weight can you lay across the back of your shoulders and scream while you bend down and back up. People take pride loading the bar with heavy plates until it bends. It’s all really very cool – or at least it was 20 years ago.

Mind you, I had spinal surgery this March – Titanium and all. But hey, it’s what us dudes do. I loaded the bar, set my shoulders, pressed upward. What in the world was I doing? The sensible side of exercising kicked in at the last moment, but I was close.

No matter, we hammered a 2000 meter rowing machine and then fell out on the matt like any respectable mature man would do.

What did I accomplish this week? Boundaries.

This doesn’t mean limits to great exercises, but it does mean there are somethings that I shouldn’t do. Was my ego bruised a bit? I’d be fibbing if I said no. Bonus was that I did go on to enjoy a great supper out with family and friends that night without injury or pain. See? I’ve evolved.



1. Maintain sensible diet {I SLID a bit}

2. Exercise at least 4 times next week {Check ++}

3. Buy new scale but not obsess over readings. {No, not yet}

4. Encourage you to join me and share experience and commitments. {Check}

5. Be positive about the quest for fitness. {Check}

6. Don’t get all Fan Boy over crossfit. {Check. Kidding, I’m still enjoying pushing my mind beyond my physical abilities}

What are your goals and victories?




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