That is a true hero. God bless him


When Gene Rosen found six small children crying at the end of his Newtown, Conn. driveway on Dec. 14, he opened his home to them. He got stuffed animals and juice and listened to their horrific stories, stories of a man with guns, and of their first-grade teacher, Mrs. Soto.

“We can’t go back to school,” one little boy said. “Our teacher is dead.”

Rosen, 69, sheltered these kids, who somehow escaped the fate of 20 of their peers in the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, and called their distressed parents. Now, he’s being harassed by conspiracy theorists who claim the Sandy Hook shooting never happened.

The Sandy Hook Truther Movement, like so many conspiracy theories before it, weaves trivial details together to create a thin — but for some, believable — tale of fraud perpetrated to nefarious ends by the U.S. government. There’s Emilie Parker, a 6-year-old girl…

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