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Chief Silverii,

I wanted to send you this email as a thank you. I have been reading your articles and cannot agree more with your writings. I am a young officer working for the medium sized police department in XXXXX, OK. I have often been and still am the young idealistic officer who strives to serve my community and make it a better place. I maintain a higher than average activity level when compared to my peer officers and try to proactively address problems.

As you have described I have often found myself facing the obstacle of supervisors and senior officers that maintain the idea that mediocrity is expected and acceptable. Sometimes the internal departmental operations and culture poses such a formidable obstacle it seems impossible to overcome.

Knowing that there are Chief’s like you on the forefront and providing valuable experience and insight to the IACP gives me hope that the next generation of Police administrators will better understand the detriments caused by negative attitudes and behaviors.

My department has pushed away many talented officers to surrounding departments, or have had their motivation to work crushed. Reading your articles has allowed me to sustain high spirits and keep fighting the good fight.Thanks for what you do and what you have studied.

If you are ever in the area of XXXXXX, OK, you have a friend I would love to shake your hand and buy you a lunch or a dinner.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe,


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  1. The encouragement and inspiration of others is such a rewarding and humbling experience! For me, to be able to continue to serve, even though I can no longer be on the front lines has been such a blessing. Great job, as always, Chief!


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