Why I Support Student Drug Testing. Do You?

First Posted on TheBadgeGuys
First Posted on TheBadgeGuys

Hurricane-Katrina-SWAT-300x199First Posted on TheBadgeGuys

By: BadgeGuy #4; Chief Scott Silverii (@ThibodauxChief)

I was asked my position on random drug testing in our schools. Obviously, nothing is ever simply answered with an “I’m for it”… except in this case! Why am I for student drug testing in schools is simple? It serves as a deterrent and a means for identifying students in need of help.

Before you begin with it violates their privacy, no probable cause, and children are treated like common criminals please stop. This is not about enforcement or disciplinary actions directed against students testing positive for using illegal drugs.

My support for random student drug testing in schools is for the welfare of the child, the family, the school and the community. If one student refrains from drug use because the possibility of urinating into a plastic cup is what it takes to save them, then how can you oppose it?

I worked a narcotics assignment for 12 years to include three years with the DEA Task Force. Whether operating undercover or as an investigating agent, I have the unique experiences for witnessing the destruction caused by illegal drug use.

Are we willing to sacrifice a child’s life for the sake of baseless arguments veiled by privacy issues? What about the damaging substances invading this child’s body, mind, and future?

Random testing should be a condition of enrollment. I also submit that school policies must address co


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