Police Stress and Health – Career Survival

New Fitness Partnership for Cops

Scott Bike1
2010 @ 180 lbs

EDITORS NOTE: CopsAlive.com is proud to announce a new partnership with Police Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D. This week we are posting the first in a series of fitness blogs written by Scott as he works to improve his personal fitness.

We invite you to participate in any way that you want to improve your fitness and ability to survive a career in law enforcement and encourage Scott with your comments and emails. Scott started his journey on his blog last week and we are partnering with him from now on.

I started posting this on my blog just 2 weeks ago to motivate myself to regain healthy habits, encourage others to join in by setting their own goals for holistic health, and creating a forum for sensible information and accountability.

Last week, I spoke with John Marx at CopsAlive.com who offered to partner. They provide fantastic practical information ranging from health to spiritual survival. Our plan is to post every Monday. I will give you a brief update of my progress, CopsAlive.com will provide awesome information, and you guys will share your thoughts, progress, and challenges in the comments.

To catch the readers up at CopsAlive.com, I posted my first week’s goals and status belo

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