I’m Fat; Week 3

Trail Biking with Friends

Trail Biking with Friends

Continuing Health Partnership

Last Monday was so exciting to announce the partnership with CopsAlive.com. It also meant the added pressure of extra accountability and less breaking my diet and exercise commitments.

Unfortunately, peer pressure does not lock the freezer from late night ice cream binges.

I did however, use the BMI link  (Ouch!!) and measure everything spreadsheet to set goals and monitor my intake and activities. John Marx has included more great information and we all encourage you to join us in setting goals for regaining a physical, emotional and spiritual level of health.

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.

Week 3 recap;


– 219 lbs


– Ran (jogged) (Ok, lots of walking) 4 times this week, but mixed more jogging than walking over last week.

– Ran stadiums at the local high school because I was pressed for time. Great session & quickly done before eating dinner out.

– Rode my beautiful Trek Madone 6.9 (on the trainer) for 30 minutes doing intervals. Another great time crunched option.

– Hits the weights 3 times doing circuit routines

– This week was my best exercising period in 2 years. Dedication carries through, where motivation ends about Monday mornings.


– only 1 trip to the secretary’s dish snack for M&M’s. Monday (11th) was my birthday (TY 4 belated wishes) & HAD cake.

– spent every dinner out with friends. Yes, expensive and not healthy.

– Ate out at lunch with officers every day. Also very expensive, but stuck to salad and chicken.

– Overall, an improved week for eating sensible.

UNO Ring & BP

– A few days of shoving it over my knuckle, but came off at end of day without sawing. BP dipped into the 150’s/90’s for first time in weeks (yes, dipped).

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– Weight at 217 lbs (We can do this; preplanned meals at home)

– Eat sensible lunch at home 2 days

– Exercise 4 times (combine weights & cardio)

– Wear UNO ring with sawing into knuckles

CopsAlive.com Monday Fitness

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  1. Keep on going with it and you will have that bp to prehyptertension levels soon!

    You did a whole lot better than me! I only ran once this last week. In my defense, I had a lot of errands to run so hopefully I got my heart rate up a little with those 🙂 I was diagnosed with insulin resistance this week and put on blood sugar meds, so now I’ll be more motivated than ever for consistent exercise.

  2. Mac – you again bless me with your well wishes. I’m working on it Brother.

    Amber -sorry to hear aboutthe insulin resistance, and you’ve got the right attitude about consistent exercise. The NSU Rec Center is amazong and provides a great environment for regular training sessions.

    • Yeah, I was pretty upset about it. But that shows you how hard you have to work to fight genetic predispositions. Honesty, I followed my diet well to keep sugar levels down, but diet alone is sometimes not enough. It is possible to manage these diseases though, so there’s hope for hypertensive people and those with insulin abnormalities.

      I have been meaning to go to the Rec center! I’m right by it almost everyday. Lord knows I pay for it too lol.

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