I’m Fat; Week 4

Early Morning & Alone. But I'm Here!

Early Morning & Alone. But I’m Here!

Last week was the most consistent training I’ve had in the last two years. Combinations of running, weights and cycling are benefits for committing to regaining holistic health. Being held accountable and supporting friends in their efforts also helps. It does require a lifestyle change to change your lifestyle.

While the exercise has returned to being enjoyable and I am doing better at scheduling my time more wisely, I’ve not had the same success in dieting.

New Team Member

Lt. Kim Lane

Lt. Kim Lane

I am happy to announce an additional Team Member for regaining a healthy lifestyle. Joining the cause is one of my very own police officers, Lieutenant Kim Lane. Kim currently serves a Patrol Shift Commander, and the very first female to hold this position. Though she does not feel it is significant to say, I am proud of her for breaking that glass ceiling.

Kim is a valuable member of the Thibodaux Police Department, and a lifetime fitness and training guru. A quick intro to Kim:

Lt. Kim Lane

Lt. Kim Lane

After not stepping on stage for body building since 2000, I made my return at the Red Stick Classic in Baton Rouge in June of 2012.  I placed first, giving me the confidence to push through to the big show – The NPC LA Championships in Lafayette, LA.  I participated in the NPC LA Championships several times in my twenties, but I had never won.  This show was where the big girls come out to play.

 In July of 2012, I won the tall class and overall Miss LA Physique.  This competition was a national qualifier, meaning that I had qualified to participate in a national level NPC physique competition. 

 I am now just under 17 weeks out from the NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA.  If I place in the top two in my division, I will earn my pro card and the status of being an IFBB Professional Physique Competitor.

Kim is providing me with a sensible diet and exercise plan, and will share tips with us along the way. Kim is currently training to compete in  the NPC Master’s Nationals in Pittsburg. Sponsors are greatly appreciated for offsetting costs. Kim is also available for training and fitness consultations. You may reach her at brightblueline@gmail.com

Continuing a Healthy Partnership with CopsAlive.com

Spiritual Survival

Spiritual Survival

While I do focus on physical health in each week’s post, I do strongly believe in the holistic aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  Spiritual Survival is a must for law enforcement officers and their family’s.

Visit CopsAlive Click Here

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.

Week 4 recap;


– 219 lbs (no change. YET!!)


– Ran (intervals on cardio machines at the Nicholls State University Recreation Center – It’s a brand new and crazy high-tech facility filled with positive energy).    Working on the BP by maintaining an elevated heart rate. 5 sessions this week included a 2Xday (getting my tail up in the morning for quick walk and then a run in the evening)

– Ran stadiums one night to mix it up and to save time.

– Short interval session on bike trainer due to time crunch.

– Weights 3 times and the feeling of sore muscles from sensible exercise is a great reminder of being active.

– As I said earlier, this was my best week of consistently exercising. I will combine a sensible diet with the training, and turn one week into a month, and then a lifestyle.


– The secretary’s dish on her desk full of snacks is no longer an option.

– Still eating almost every meal (lunch & supper) out at restaurants, but sticking to chicken and fish. Kim Lane’s diet plan will put an end to this expensive & unhealthy habit.

– Overall, a good week of being more aware of intake. Must confess that knowing this strict diet begins Sunday, I gorged a little over the weekend (just a little).

UNO Ring & BP

– Same as last week’s efforts to shove it on and then twist it off. BP dipped saw the 134/90’s.

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– Weight at 217 lbs (We can do this; preplanned meals at home)

– Eat sensible lunch at home 2 days

– Exercise 5 times (combine weights & cardio)

– Wear UNO ring with sawing into knuckles

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  1. I am so excited you’re teaming up with Kim! I may join her in the gym one day, when I get my courage up. And excellent BP numbers! You’re doing great! A dip into the 130s/90s is big time progress and very promising.

  2. Hey guys,
    Thank you so much. It’s been a challenge. Checking schedules & obligations make it tempting to put off exercise. Luncheons and civic events make it tempting to eat bread pudding.
    Support from Believers like you, remind me that its not about temptation. It is about a promiose & a committment.

    Amber – yes, Kim is a great officer & a welcome voice of expertise on our Team Fit.

  3. Chief, I love food as much as anyone, especially living in South Louisiana. I have found, however, that if you can change your thinking so that you see food as “fuel” for your body, instead of an enjoying activity or social activity, you are more easily able to eat right. You can still eat something you enjoy once in a while, but you’ll find you’ll come to enjoy the good foods too.

  4. Awesome job Scott and I am definatley a walking example of how Kim can help you achieve your goals. With her diet plan and exercise I have made a lifestyle change and it is great. Having lost 27.2 lbs in 11 weeks is awesome. I have energy and a determination like never before. Keep up the hard work !

    • Chad,
      YOU were my inspiration for beginning this diet. You look great & congratulations. Kim is an awesome inspiration. She is also great at motivating (frightening) you to not cheat.
      We are here every Monday. Thanks


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