Fight Like a Girl

Lt. Kim Lane

Lt. Kim Lane

Editor’s Note: Lt. Kim Lane “volunteered” to lend her expertise and enthusiasm for helping guide me back to a level of fitness I’d let slip away over the last few years. As you will learn, Kim has made fitness, exercise and competition her life’s style. She is preparing for her first national competition and I would like to add that she is “humbly” seeking sponsors. At 41 years of life (she printed her age first), she obviously represents the best of health & fitness. If you would like to sponsor Kim, or contact her for fitness advise, she is available at

My Introduction

My name is Kim   Lane.  I am a forty-one year-old police lieutenant with a five-year old daughter.  I work as a shift commander of the Thibodaux Police Department.

I am a former fifteen time LA State Tae Kwon Do sparring champion.  I ran my first (and last) half marathon last year. I am also a physique competitor.  I am 5’ 7 ½” and compete at 145 at about 6-7% body fat.

After not stepping on stage for body building since 2000, I made my return to the stage at the Red Stick Classic in Baton Rouge in June of 2012.  I placed first, giving me the confidence to push through to the big show – The NPC LA Championships in Lafayette, LA.

I participated in the NPC LA Championships several times in my twenties, but I had never won.  This show was where the big girls come out to play.

Physique Open Overall-07 (ZF-4369-11780-1-004)

Hard work paying off

In July of 2012, I won the tall class and overall Miss LA Physique.  This competition was a national qualifier, meaning that I had qualified to participate in a national level NPC physique competition.

Preparing for Nationals

I am now just under 17 weeks out from the NPC Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA.  If I place in the top two in my division, I will earn my pro card and the status of being an IFBB Professional Physique Competitor.

No one gets to this level of competition without a good training foundation and sound nutrition.  For this reason, I am often called upon for advice or assistance in fitness and nutrition plans.

I have been blessed to have acquired a wealth of knowledge from, and to have been a guinea pig for, various sources who are on the leading edge of nutrition and training. I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist.  I simply know what works from my years of experience.

“Volunteering” to Help

Recently my boss, Thibodaux Police Chief Scott Silverii, came across a local community figure and friend for whom I developed a nutritional plan in January of this year.  Chief Silverii was impressed with his weight loss and change in body composition. The five inches that he has lost in his waist were immediately obvious.

Chief Silverii soon contacted me.  What did he say?  He said, “I’m fat.”  Although he is far from fat, I believe my response was something to the effect of, “I’m sorry.”  For those of you who know Chief Silverii, he has this persuasive tone that he takes when he wants something done.  I call it ask-telling.

He asked me a few questions, and then he ask-told me that I was going to help him reach his goals.

Lt. Kim Lane

Lt. Kim Lane

Holding Accountable

I explained to Chief Silverii that if I worked up a plan for him, I expected him to stick with it.  He had to trust me completely and not put one bite of food in his mouth unless I allowed it.  He agreed.  We shook on it.  He purposely squeezed my hand too hard as usual.

I am looking forward to seeing Chief Silverii’s progress.  Today was day one for him on my diet plan. He has no idea what is in store.  His body will transform into a fat burning machine over the next two weeks as his body depletes its glycogen stores and begins burning stored body fat as its preferred fuel source.

My coworkers will hate me because he will become moody. He will hate me because he can’t dip into his secretary’s candy dish or have his evening ice cream.  I will just sit back and watch the show with a grin knowing that success is just right around the corner.  Of course, I’ll still call him fat.

Kim Lane

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