Juvenile Points Gun At Store Employee; Arrested For Terrorizing

My officer who arrested the JV said the shame of this was that if he had justifiably shot this child, he would still have to live with thought of killing a juvenile with a toy.

Should juvenile’s criminal records remained sealed after becoming adults?



Thibodaux Chief of Police Scott Silverii announced the arrest of a Juvenile for Terrorizing after he pointed a gun at an employee of a business in the 300 Block of North Canal Boulevard.

Monday afternoon, May 6, around 4:30 p.m. an employee, believing the three Juveniles who had entered the business were there to steal, approached one of the Juveniles to find a black handgun pointed at her. The employee was able to get the gun from the Juvenile. The gun, resembling a black semi-automatic handgun, was confirmed to be a pellet gun.


The Juveniles, who had discarded another pellet gun prior to Police’s arrival, admitted that the guns were stolen a month prior from another Thibodaux business. The Juvenile who pointed the gun at the employee was placed under arrest, and the other two Juveniles were released to their guardians pending a further investigation.

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  1. Wow. Honestly, kids are stupid and don’t think things through fully because of immaturiy, but I don’t think records should be sealed. Juveniles are capable of the same crimes that adults are. Those crimes shouldn’t be hidden just because of their age. Immaturity doesn’t have an age limit.


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