Shotgun in Face; What would you do?

The Attack

NEW  ORLEANS —A teen boy was arrested in connection with Saturday’s attempted  armed robbery in Marigny in which the victim turned the tables on his  attacker.

New Orleans police said  the 16-year-old boy surrendered to authorities Wednesday afternoon. Police said the teen will  be charged in three different armed robberies that happened in the Marigny  neighborhood.

The Defense

On Saturday, a man was seen in surveillance video attempting  to rob a man at 5:05 a.m. by pointing a shotgun in his face. In the video, the  victim snatches the shotgun from the man’s hands, and he proceeded to chase  him.

The robber apparently got  away, but did return with another person in a black four-door sedan, according  to the NOPD.

The Negotiation

“Give me my gun back and  I’ll give you your phone that you dropped,” the driver of the sedan told the  victim, according to a news release from NOPD.

The victim used the  shotgun to strike the rear windshield of the vehicle, breaking it, the release  said.

The Question

1. What would you do?

2. What do you think would have happened to the victim had he shot the robber while running away?

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  1. What would I do? That is really a big question. First most likely when he shoved the gun in my face I most likely would have wet my pants. That is only human nature. But if I was brave enough to grab the gun from his hands, and the fool had the guts to re-approach me and ask for it back. To heck with the cell phone, I would shove the gun where the hot Louisiana sun would never shine. Get my driff. To say the least that is one dumb stupid criminal, wonder where he got his training? This was even posted on the evening news way up here in Michigan. Thanks Chief.


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