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Body Language Speaks Volumes

NOTE: Cops are trained b.s. detectors! When a person’s words fail to match their actions, it’s often what we refer to as a “clue.” Cops also learn that it’s not only the words speaking to us. Often, what is said is not that important, and one of my favorite blog sites, The 16% captured the same clues we watch for – BODY LANGUAGE.

The more you fight it to fake it, the louder your body speaks. Great article 16%, and I encourage you to also visit them.

By the16percent on June 14, 2013

Statistics show that 55% of the communication process involves body language.

So basically, your positive and encouraging words could be null and void if you say it while crossing your arms and avoiding eye contact.

Even though a lot of the times we portray certain body languages subconsciously, we need to be very aware—especially in the workplace—of the message we are truly sending out.

Besides the obvious, like rolling your eyes or tapping your fingers on a desk, here are some other common body language errors to avoid:

  1. Giving a weak handshake. It’s one of the first impressions you’re going to give. Show the person on the receiving end that you’re a strong and confident person. And ladies, no excuses because “dainty” doesn’t translate well in the corporate world.
  2. Avoiding eye contact. Doing this will either make you look like a liar, self-conscious, or uninterested.
  3. Staring. You may think this is the solution to avoiding eye contact, but it actually comes off very aggressive (and creepy).
  4. Crossing your arms. It’s a sign of being closed off.
  5. Fidgeting. It makes you look nervous and uncomfortable.
  6. Slouching. Maybe your grade school teacher was on to something when he/she told you not to slouch. Doing it makes you look awkward and unsure of yourself.

The common theme here is confidence! If you emit confidence, you won’t fall victim to these body language no-nos in the first place. Remember that more than half of what you communicate will be interpreted based on what your body is doing, so send the right message.

Hope Boyd Written by: Hope Boyd Director of Communications, Strategic Government Resources governmentresource.com


What are other physical tells to AVOID?


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  1. Absolutely nothing worse in this world than the dead fish handshake from a guy – women garner a bit of leniency (but not much)… There’s no faster way to lose work than to have a weak handshake.


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