Policing | What Can We Learn from Wal-Mart and Amazon?

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 Predictive Policing: What Can We Learn from Wal-Mart and Amazon about Fighting Crime in a Recession?

In the current economic climate, police departments are being asked to do more with less. In some localities, significant budget reductions are requiring police managers and command staff to consider reductions in the retention of sworn personnel.

Personnel costs represent the single largest budget line item in most public safety organizations. The ability to use this resource more efficiently has become absolutely essential to police managers under current budgetary restrictions.

Now, new tools designed to increase the effective use of police resources could make every agency more efficient, regardless of the availability of resources. As these new budgetary restraints and limitations are faced, the question to ask with more urgency is “Why just count crime when you can anticipate, prevent, and respond more effectively?”

Predictive policing allows command staff and police managers to leverage advanced analytics in support of meaningful, information-based tactics, strategy, and policy decisions in the applied public safety environment. As the law enforcement community increasingly…

To read more – Police Chief Magazine – View Article.


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  1. What really drives me nuts is the way you are used as pawns to punish us for not wanting to pay higher taxes. In my State, no matter how much waste is exposed, the first thing that has to be cut to balance an irresponsible budget is police, fire and snow removal. One way or another, no matter how bad times get, they manage to fund poo art, but police? That’s gotta be cut! For the time being at least, we haven’t had this problem going on three years – no more budgetary crises (amazing what happens with a good Governor).


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