Winner of the Canadaism Blogging Award

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Cameron O’Hara at Canadaism honored me with the Canadaism Blogging Award, and I am thankful for the acknowledgement. I am faced with a dilemma though, so I’ll ask you to decide the proper path. I’m not Canadian!

My city where I serve as the Chief of Police is Thibodaux, and the ancestors into our Cajun Country of south Louisiana come from the expelled Acadians in Canada, but my grandparents came to America from Italy! Should I accept this award?

Yes, of course. Unless Cameron says otherwise. You won’t will you Cameron?

Actually, last summer I had a Sergeant from the Montreal Police visit my city with his parents, who were named Thibodeau. His dad wanted to visit the city’s namesake, so they drove all the way south. It was an honor to visit with them and after they visited the sugarcane plantation homes, Cajun eateries and above ground cemeteries, we exchanged contact information and remain in touch even today.

Here was my award announcement:


Chief Silverii of Bright Blue Line!!!

*applause!* 😀

Chief Silverii is a Canadian Cop who writes about life on the force.  He is a stand up family guy and spokes person for the police on his blog.  Check him out!

Thanks to everyone who’s enrolled in the Canada Blog List for participating!  More contests to come!  And if you’re nice to Chief Silverii, maybe he’ll nominate you for the CANADAISM BLOGGING AWARD!

Happy Canada Day!




And as is the norm for blogging awards, this prize comes with some rules!  Here they are:::

1) The motions!  Post the gif or jpeg to your blog and thank the blogger who awarded you.

Here is the gif and again I thank Cameron O’Hara for the award.

2) Canada is GREAT!   let everyone know what your favourite thing about Canada is!

I have come to know many great police officers serving the people of Canada and plan to soon visit my beautiful neighbor to the north. I’ll be sure to pack my Trek Madone 6.9 for a little “hill” climbing.

3) Pass it on!  Choose 1 or more Canada-related blogs to nominate and let them know!  

My choice for a Canadian blog site, other than the expected police sites I follow is “After the kids leave” I first thought the title was funny, so I checked it out. After visiting a few times, I was really struck at how awesome these two sisters are. Neither have lived on the same continent for years, and now that the kids are gone, they co-author this site via their respective home locations. Ladies – great work and thanks for being so open and sincere with everyone!

Thanks again to Cameron, and I trust my being a cop in the U.S. doesn’t cause an international diplomatic blogging debacle!! Visit Cameron’s site and After the kids leave. Both are awesome and positive. The only way to be!  God bless you.  



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  1. Well, thank you so much! This came as a huge but lovely surprise to us both, and we’re pleased as punch about it. Glad you like the blog, and we hope you’ll visit again soon.
    Karen and Wendy


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