What type of Cop?


Or better yet…

What type of cop have you encountered?

My friend at A Cops Watch posted this picture and of course I had to laugh at the stereotypical caricatures. Unfortunately, this is how most people see law enforcement.

I’ve known an actual person(s) befitting these comical characters throughout my career, and I’ll bet you have had an experience with them also. Who knows, I may have actually been one of these during a period or two.

I can tell you that as a Chief of Police, I am always concerned about the public’s perception of my agency. Sometimes an exterior “rebranding” is required for making a public profession that change is occurring. An occupational “Under Construction” statement must be consistent with internal institutional reformation.


National Night Out Against Crime

This week we are celebrating the annual NNOAC with neighborhood hosted parties throughout the city, and a giant get together at the Police Department. The great thing about south Louisiana is that everyone cooks. I bet we are the only P.D. Party with alligator sauce piquant being served up!!

The value of this event demonstrates to me that our process of benchmarking works. This agency’s goal was a philosophical shift towards serving our city as true public servants, while basing our proactive police actions on a data-driven paradigm of scientific, quantifiable results.

What type of Officer?

Beyond the decreases of crashes and crimes, this agency has garnered the respect, friendship and communal partnerships established as organizational goal #1.

As a Chief of Police, I am so proud to hear people’s stories of how nice and courteous our officers are. Even those occasions when a citation was issued, the person still compliments the officer’s professionalism and helpful manner.

So where is the Thibodaux Police Officer represented in the picture above? They are not.

This is your Thibodaux Police Department
This is your Thibodaux Police Department