Police Reports Illustrated: Broken Phones and Taxi Cabs

This is a cute cartoon illustration based on an actual police case report. It’s not the biggest crime of the century but represents the types of issues officers deal with daily. You be the officer; who do you believe?


Who Dun It?

One comment

  1. The cabbie dun it, but the woman doesn’t escape scrutiny either. If I were the cop, I go back to the woman and say something (in cop talk of course) to the extent of, “ma’am, you didn’t give the cabbie your cell phone for collateral because that would be stupid. Clean up that lie and let’s move on or your case dies on the vine… Then I can get the dept. sued for correctly calling the woman a liar. In the meantime, I go to the cabbie, who is Indian, and arrest him for assault. Then HE sues the department for racism and I get suspended with pay for a year while the cases are played out. During that year I come up with a marketable clothing line and become an overnight success. I buy a nice home on the ocean in the Bahamas and retire a happy man.

    Happens every day, right? LOL. There’s a reason you guys get a good pension. 😉

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