Prisoners pay nightly for luxury cell

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A new way to you pay your debt to society

Something unique from the justice arena.Have you been sentenced to a short stretch of jail time in Alameda County, Calif.?
Not so wild about spending it at your typical, “Oz”-like horror show of an institution?
Good news, criminal. If you can swing $155 a night, you can stay in the Fremont facility, far away from the riff raff of general county miscreants.
You’ll get a large, flat-screen HD TV and open community spaces, “but you don’t get a warm cookie on your bed,” warned jail rep Lt. Mark Devine.
English: Prison cell, Fort Leavenworth. Deutsc...
Potential inmates need a health screening, background check and a judge’s approval to luxuriate in the $10.6 million facility, though rarely are more than a dozen inmates residing in the 58-bed facility at a time.
Still, if 16 inmates stay twice a week yearly, Fremont would profit $244,000, according to Devine. That’s just good prisoning.

Policy Alternatives for Reducing Recidivism available at

A Cop’s Watch shared this interesting alternative to intensive incarceration and jail cost
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  1. Scott (Chief) now this takes the cake! Why would anyone put forth this kind of money to build such a place. Let the criminals serve their time and then go out there and work like everyone else. I know you would not support such in the great state of Louisiana. Right.


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