What’s exciting about a blank book cover?


Cop Culture: Why Good Cops Go Bad

What’s so exciting about a blank book cover you may ask? It holds promise and potential.

  • The promise of sharing my life and lessons on police culture will become a reality in early 2014.
  • The potential for igniting a cultural revolution and changing the outdated customs of policing will launch in early 2014.
  • The blank book cover will contain an illustration, a title, an author’s name and a guarantee of total sincerity in early 2014.

In early 2014 CRC Press will release my latest book about the calling I love, yet sometimes struggle to understand.

My publisher has recently listed it at Amazon.com for pre-orders.

See, it’s not the fancy decorative cover that is exciting; it’s the opportunities within the book’s covers to share.

I trust that come early 2014 (or earlier) you will join the revolution for positive change.


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