Shoot / Don’t Shoot | It’s just that fast

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From A Cop’s Watch

A look at how fast a shoot/don’t shoot decision must be made

All the cop sees is a man with a knife…

Dash cam video sheds new light on Seattle police shooting
SEATTLE — Newly obtained dash cam video shows the dramatic confrontation that ended with a Seattle police officer shooting a man in Magnolia last June.
The man was later found to have a history of mental illness, and court documents show the shooting was just one of several involving people with mental illness.

…According to court records, a young man called 911 several times to say someone armed with a kitchen knife was in front of his house. When officers arrived, they say it was the 911 caller who had the knife.
Dash cam video shows the man running toward officers with the knife. As he makes it to the side of the car, which is just out of camera view, you hear the sound of a gunshot.
The Seattle Police Department is not commenting on the court ordered release of the dash cam video. Like several other recent officer-involved shootings, records show the victim in the June 1 shooting suffered from mental illness.
The man’s family asked that his name not be used. He survived the shooting and just this week pleaded guilty to assault.Thank God the cop is alright.  And hopefully the suspect is sent to a mental facility.  He needs help.

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