Re-Introducing the TPD Smartphone App

Join us at our Thibodaux Police Dept app. First ever arrest round up using virtual information received on this app


Download for free today…  

Breaking the bubble of traditional reporting, Thibodaux Chief of Police Scott Silverii and the Thibodaux Police Department is pleased to re-introduce their smartphone app that was officially launched in January of this year.


Living in a generation that is more comfortable with autonomous methods of communication, what better way to bridge the gap by making law enforcement accessible where the community is most comfortable.


The app not only offers crime reporting, warrant checks and current news, but allows pictures to be taken with your smartphone that geocodes the location. See graffiti?  Become a part of the investigation, by snapping a picture for submittal via TPD app. The list goes on and on.


Chief Silverii and the Thibodaux Police Department are planning a Virtual Arrest Round-Up via the TPD smart phone app this November. So download TPD’s app for free today by searching –…

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  1. Very cool Chief. Listening to the Detroit Mayoral debate last night I couldn’t help but remember your trying to help us up here. We’re still stuck on stupid… Response times here, it’s all about the kids there… What a bunch of stupid drivel. Of course, who could be against it all being about keeping the kids safe! I respect you for actually having to deal with the politics of your position alone. I’d go mad – too honest.

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