Why do good cops go bad?

Last year i wrote “What’s exciting about a blank book cover” for two reasons;

1. I was and still am excited about the potential for positive change

2. At the time the publisher had not finalized the jacket design, so blank was what they posted (Ha!)

As the last year of push to publish has trickled into days of anticipation I’ve been asked about launch parties and book signings. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming. I set out with a vision to better understand and a passion to make a difference for good. My prayer is that the message inside is meaningful and mostly, it’s helpful. 

I won’t hawk you to buy the book, but I will promise that when you do, it’ll transform your perception.

WHY is a powerful word. I’ve asked it all across this country over several years to arrive at the answer. Now, it’s yours to share.

Thanks to CRC Press for having confidence to publish my life’s mission.

Currently available at:




CRC Press





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