Put that down

According to this disturbing infographic, that’s exactly what we’re doing with books – putting them down. Unfortunately, we aren’t even finishing the read through. Take advantage of the summer, and read all the way through.

Make a summer reading list for yourself like we did as kids. What are you reading? See ya on the last page.












  1. I can understand not reading to completion if the book is badly written, and I can understand not going to a book store when amazon will ship. The other numbers are appalling, and I hope they’re inaccurate, but they probably aren’t. Imagine how much less vandalism and graffiti there would be everyone was too busy reading to bother with those.

  2. Well what do you know, I AM a one preventer at SOMETHING… My daughter reads about 10,000 pages a year, easy. She’s ten. My seven year-old reads into the thousands, I read a book or two a year and my wife reads at least 15,000 pages a year. Plus I have a blog for which I write an average of 600 words a day.

    I’ll have to mark this on my calendar.

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