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Book Review: By the Numbers-A Cajun Murder Mystery by L. Scott Silverii

Book Review: By the Numbers-A Cajun Murder Mystery

by L. Scott Silverii

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Shades of Dashiell Hammett? This Author’s Voice Surprised Me



I started reading the first installment of the Cajun Murder Mystery series with the full intention of liking it. I have read other things written by L. Scott Silverii, been to a lecture, spoken to him casually at a conference. In those venues, he comes across as personable and the quintessential professional. What I read in the first couple of pages of By the Numbers absolutely threw me.

I put my Kindle down.

I was puzzled by writing style yet the characters and story stuck in my head.

I picked my Kindle back up.

I read the whole story once. I was mad when I clicked to turn the page and there were no more pages.

I clicked back to the beginning and read it again.

L. Scott Silverii uses a technique of switching first person point-of-view that has all the intrigue of a 1940s noir film. He combines it with a spicy Bayou drawl that yanks the reader into the sultry heat of Southern Louisiana.

Every character is as vivid as the sun reflecting on freshly spilled blood. His scene description had me batting at flies and fanning myself. I was in the midst of a swamp. I could smell the hot cyprus grove.

Just when I thought I had the case solved, Silverii threw in a twist that ’bout gave me whiplash. His ending delighted me. I usually figure out the ending well before I finish reading. It was refreshing to get to the surprise wrap-up. I can’t wait until July 3 when the next installment releases.

I recommend By the Numbers: A Cajun Murder Mystery to all fans of the hard-boiled detective novel. This one has all the makings of a classic. Is it July yet?

This post first appeared as an Amazon Customer Review.

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