K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #3

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Do you volunteer to be a K-9 officer? Do you get to pick the dog? What do you do with the dog during vacation? How long is the training?



In our department you volunteer to be a K-9 Officer.  I pick most of the dogs and try to match them with the handler’s personality.  In our department when the handler goes on vacation I kennel the dogs in my kennel.

When I go on vacation one of the other handlers will care for my dog.  If you look above I answered the addressed most of the training question.  In our department before a K-9 Team is allowed to work the street they must past their NNDDA certification.

Once they have passed their certification and are allowed to begin working on the street, they still attend weekly training sessions, which is required.  At the training session I make sure each team is performing well and address any issues that may arise.  I try to expose the teams to new things each training sessions.


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    • Answer from Lt. Eddie Rodrigue

      I have started training them as early as six weeks. I like to start training at early ages. You can also train a four year old but it may take them long to get the response you want, depending on what they were exposed to in their life. Say I do believe you can teach a old dog new tricks. In Law Enforcement most dogs will start their formal training between one and two years of age, depending on the dogs mutuality.

      • Thank you for the reply. I have a private investigator in a crime novel who has adopted a greyhound from a track he once owned a share in. I have been all over the internet researching dog training and what is accomplished at different ages, but could not find anything about older dogs. I know a greyhound is not like a German Shepherd, but I am trying to figure how she might be useful in the future books. I guess her ability to run, and her intelligence could be useful, but sniffing out drugs or bombs might not work. I appreciate your time.


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