FITx50 / week 17


FITx50 / week 17 and this has been my approach of late.

After last week’s post-travel and fancy food eating festival I returned to the crossfit gym. I was greeted by the realization that at closer to 50 than I was weeks ago, shape, like the space station, is something just waiting to drop.

Some crazy workout call Down Sally Up – yeah, that’s what I said – I got the down part pretty good.

Okay, mostly I’m kidding but this little kitten was so darn cute, i had to include him somewhere. I’m back to cutting portions in half and exercise. I’ve also gotten pretty decent at headstands, which as I understand isn’t good after having a March spinal surgery. But it’s titanium right??

This week was a good transition from sloth to beast. Look out next week – I’m back on track.

Happy health to you,



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  1. Good job getting back on it, Scott! Occasional indulgence won’t hurt you if you jump back on it, and those indulgences add a lot of fun value to life.

    I’ve been going to the gym for four months trying to overcome a health problem with no progress. Doc finally realized the problem I have isn’t what we thought it was, and will NEVER improve without treatment, so now it’s off to the specialists for a pile of appointments. Four months of work watching myself get weaker was not fun, but at least now I’m hoping to sort it all out.
    I have to admit though, even with no progress, exercising feels better than not exercising, so I think I’ll just keep at it.
    I want that kitten’s hat!! 🙂

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