What would you do: Police scenarios


Scenario –
It’s 1:30am – you’re dispatched to an elderly person’s home because the medic alert button was activated. Fire and EMT meets you there. No one responds to knocks on the doors and windows.

What would you do: Police scenarios

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  1. Bust down the door, guns-a-blazin’, choppin’ down the terrorists/Republicans/white supremacists/zombies (the only four groups it’s still okay to shoot with impunity) who knocked grandpa down to use his home as their terrorist base of operations.

    It’s Jonathan Maberry’s fault. Patient Zero. Sorry.

    Technically, I know what to do if my neighbor’s alarm goes off and he doesn’t respond to it, but that’s pretty much “call you” (or my hometown version of you) and, knowing your response time is around three minutes at top speed, I would go the extra mile and give his place a two minute once-over from the outside. I know that this is not recommended so I’ll refrain from the details. Then I’d wait at his driveway for you to show up. Explain a few things (with my hands in clear view) and then walk back to my house to wait for you to blast the zombies/Republicans/white supremacists/terrorists.

    Sorry Chief, too much caffeine or something.

  2. Ha!!
    I’m so confused by all the activity. Poor old person is probably in teh house laughing their tail off. Lots of great replies on FB page, but no one mentioned going over to the house prior to first responders.
    No one knows the ‘hood like neighbors do.

    Thanks and Back Away From the Java!!


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