Savage Souls Outlaw Biker Series





Savage Souls Outlaw Motorcycle Club

The Savage Souls Series is the latest from author LS Silverii. The five-part series chronicles an outlaw motorcycle club (OMC) to tell the story of innocence lost and redemption gained.

National club president, Justice Boudreaux might be a CIA trained special operations asset, but Abigail Black is more than your typical OMC old lady. Wildcard, James St. John has no one’s best interest at heart, or does he?

The Boudreaux brothers, Fury, Mercy, Sue, Justice, Rage and Vengeance were all combat veterans having served in each branch of the military.

Originally from the swamps of Cajun Country’s, Turtle Bayou, Louisiana, the brothers reunited in Mystic, Colorado to seize control of the Savage Soul OMC. Seems like the family that rides together, stays together.

Not quite–middle brother, Lawless is a highly decorated law enforcement agent. Not only does he skip the family get togethers, but he’s sworn to bring each and every one of his siblings to account for their outlaw lifestyle.

Product Warning:

**Please note these books are dark romance and deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature readers only**

All Books in the Series are on Pre-Sale until October 6, 2015 – Don’t wait to get all Five of Yours Today.


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