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What is Poolside Live Streaming?

Social media should be—social. Facebook just released a technology for certain accounts to access real-time live streaming video. You can watch from your computer or smartphone just by visiting either one of our author pages.

Liliana Hart
Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D.

It’s totally interactive and encourages you to type in questions and feedback. That’s where the live Streaming part of the event name comes from.

Poolside is where we’ll be. We’re on a mini-vacation after months of taxing kids to summer camps and sno-ball stands. We’d love to spend part of that time with you exploring this exciting technology.

Liliana’s next release in her wildly popular Addison Holmes Mysteries has created so much buzz, that she can’t wait to read samples from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. This New York Times Bestselling series promises to be a blast.

Ask her anything by typing your questions into the comment box on her Facebook page. She’ll be happy to answer you live – except for giving away the ending.

Scott’s latest mission, Savage Souls Outlaw Series is on pre-order and promises to be unlike anything you’ve experienced. He says it like Sons of Anarchy, with 25 years experience of undercover reality infused in each of the five books.

He also just retired as a Chief of Police, and is up to taking questions about anything also. Except what’s he planning to do next.

If you want to get a jump on the competition because lets face it, everything is a competition—you can submit questions for us to answer during the Live Stream Broadcast. We’ll read your name and question and then give it our best shot at answering it.

Submit questions at our SilverHart page
LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE our page, and you’ll not only have your questions answered LIVE, but you’ll also be entered into our drawing for FREE GIFTS.

Rain or Shine—it’s on.

Your Keys To Join Us On This First Ever Event Are:
Liliana’s page –
Scott’s page –
SilverHart’s page –

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