Tattoo Outlaw Biker Culture


Tattoo Outlaw Biker Culture

The Savage Souls MC Series relies on the use of tattoos throughout the series to illustrate the real-world use of tattooing in the outlaw sub-culture. I wanted to give you a little more insight into the history and importance of inked symbols as they relate to the outlaw biker lifestyle.

While you are reading through the Savage Souls MC Series, try making a note of the mention and use of OMC tattoos.

Sons of Anarchy

The biker ink-life was made popular by the hit tv series about the Sons of Anarchy0e59a25beb36a12b0b60de1710964c50

In The Beginning

The outlaw biker life began in the early 1940’s and 50’s with the return of war veterans who were either looking for the freedom and adrenaline of combat, or were disenfranchised with the United States idea of the white picket fence myth. Those drawn to the fringe culture of the outlaw motorcycle club (OMC) were attracted to the anti-social, play by their own rules mentality.

Part of distinguishing themselves from the model American citizen was to tattoo themselves. Since most were military veterans, they were accustomed to tattoos representing their branch of service or unit assignment. Many of the OMC symbols are borrowed from their military associations.

The OMC members use tattoos to show the belonging of a select brotherhood. The biker tattoos often represent their state and chapter affiliation as well as position in the club.

Other Popular Types of Tattoos

– Popular themes include freedom, power and speed.
– Popular images include eagles, American flags, women and weapons.
– Styles that are popular include brand images for Harley Davidson motorcycles, skulls with wings, and roses.
– Other popular work includes Norse images, fantasy or mythic characters, naked or partially dressed women, spiders, snakes and dogs.
– The heavy metal and rock music is also shown in their designs.

Tattoo Placement

OMC members enjoy the shock value of their appearances. They master the intimidation look, and enhance that with displays of hard core or threatening images. It’s common to see full sleeve tattoos on OMC members and coverage over their chests and backs with artwork and symbols of association.

Many non-OMC or even people without motorcycles replicate this type of tattooing as a way to announce to the world that they have a bit of the wild side in them.

Tattoo Meanings

This link brings you to an official intelligence report that catalogues various criminal gang tattoos and their meaning. Click HERE to access.

Savage Souls Tattoos

I used the act of tattooing in the MC Series as a way to illustrate brotherhood, punishment and ownership in some cases. The tattoo culture in my Savage Souls MC Series is based on actual practices and symbols. I also made sure every book cover included the Savage Souls OMC’s symbol of the Passion Cross to symbolize their unity and brotherhood.
Hunted final

Your Ink

Do you have any tattoos? What is your favorite?


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