I’m Confused


March 13, 2016
{This book was a bit much for me. I was unprepared for the car wreck scene. As a mother it was very hard to stomach. The sex scenes were nauseating and disturbing.
Though I am curious to see what happens and how everything ends I’m not sure I could handle reading the other books. I’ve read a lot of disturbing books but this one was a bit too disturbing for me. Which is saying a lot.
It’s not a bad story just too much for my personal taste. Writing was good just not my cup of tea. Only writing a review to warn anyone who is easily disturbed that this may not be the book for you.}

I’m Confused

The Savage Souls Series has received lots of reviews that mention the graphic and real nature of scenes in each book. Most also qualify by clarifying the scenes were well written and the violence and sex wasn’t gratuitous.

Because I knew the sensitive nature of this series and mostly because I’d spent my law enforcement career dealing with horrible scenarios, I added a warning in the product description of every book in the series.

Book Product Description

**Please note this book is dark and deals with adult themes. Recommended for

mature readers only**

Book Introduction

Giving readers a second bite of the warning apple, I added an Introduction to every book right smack in the front.

It’s pretty clear that each book is based on real-life experiences and gets pretty rough.


The Savage Souls Series is my first collection of works written entirely after my retirement from law enforcement in 2015. There is nothing held back, as it’s loosely based on experiences, people and impressions that struck and stuck with me over almost 26 years of doing the Job.

Having worked undercover for 12 years, and SWAT operations for 16 years, the collection of experiences were wonderful and horrific. This series reflects that. I’ve found it best to be forthcoming with friends before they begin the Savage Souls Series. It can get rough in there.

This isn’t horror sci-fi or autobiographical. It is a story about people and their realities, no matter how they come to live those realities— it’s theirs to live. Thanks – Scott

What’s A Writer To Do

I’m not complaining, and appreciate that someone took the time to post an opinion about my work.

I just think it’s odd to have read the work, including the warnings, and still walk away shocked at the content.

To be honest, reviews like this one often generate more interests from potential readers that the glowing 5 star reviews. It alerts others that contained inside the Savage Souls Series is a story like none other this person has ever read.

To elicit that strong of an emotion is actually a goal of the writer to begin with. So I’ll pat myself on the back with those disturbing scenes and all.

Third Chance

SABOTAGE: BEGINNINGS is out now and yes, there are some really graphic scenes and mature situations in this one too.

If you think you can stomach a little sex, violence, outlaws and undercovers, then this deep, dark plot is for you.

Sabotage 3d




  1. Ha! I couldn’t help but smile at this review and your comments, Scott. It makes me think of the warnings that places like McDonald’s have to give to customers that the coffee is HOT, and to drink with caution because you might burn your mouth. Duh!!! “I expected the coffee to be hot, but not THAT hot!”

    Having read the entire Savage Souls series, I must say that there were scenes that upset me, also. But, isn’t it the writer’s goal to solicit emotions? How boring would it be to read a book and never have emotions stirred up?!

    As I stated in one of my reviews, one of the things that “upset” me the most was to think that you actually LIVED those scenes and there are people in this world that ARE actually as evil as some of your characters…but that is life. We can either read about it and get emotional, or simply NOT.

    Keep doing good, Scott.

    Connie Gaidry


  2. Suffice it to say people really are stupid. If you are not moved emotionally by this series then maybe you are as mad as Gray Man. I read the books bc I liked the author. Plain and simple. I became a fan of the author because the story was real. I never doubted for a minute that it was a sweet little romance novel but a down and dirty account of a life I hope to never have to live. As a mother I was saddened and angry in the first book but it made me think to what lengths I would go to to get revenge. I’m a law abiding citizen by I was right there with Abba every step of the way.
    Not everyone will be a fan of these books but you can bet your last dollar they’ll never forget it!

  3. I have a confession to make. I wasn’t going to read the Savage Souls series because I didn’t think it could surpass the Cajun Bayou series that you wrote and which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. After reading the negative review I had to download the book. It was riveting! My heart pounded, I got squeamish, and I entered into the story. Chief, you produced another fine piece of literature. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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