Moving 1 Million Books For 0.99 Cents


Hi Team,

I was invited to join this rowdy group of writers in combining our novels about the toughest heroes we’ve each ever written. While I write hard nose cops, my favorite hero/anti-hero is still the Savage Souls’ Justice Boudreaux.

This monster volume of bad boys includes 8 authors with 8 novels for 0.99 cents. Why? It’s simple. We all like each other, and wanted to work together while selling a ton of books.

Anthologies are always a great chance to discover new authors. Let’s face it, for less than a buck, you get my entire Savage Souls series (almost 400 pages), along with 7 other writers (all better than me!!!) before the holiday hassle.

No kidding – I want you to have this book, but be warned, some of these stories are NOT for the timid. I always like to warn folks up front because I’d rather lose a sale than a friend.

After you 1-CLICK it, let me know you ordered it in the comments so I can thank you. ALSO share this with your buds, they’ll love you.
Holly S Roberts Olivia Rigal Alexis Abbott Blair Babylong Author Theresa Hissong Meli Raine Author

Moving 1 Million Books For 0.99 Cents


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