A First Responder Devotional: Hero Marriages Matter

Did you know that good marriages save more heroes lives than their protective gear?

It’s true. The benefits of having a strong, healthy and happy marriage reduces the harmful effects cops face in terms of health, mortality and stress-related causes of death.

Bulletproofed marriages also increase your overall happiness. A happy wife does make for a happy life. Guess what? Happy husbands also have better lives too. Leah and I want to share this with our hero first responder community. It worked for us, and we know it’ll help grow your relationship into a rock solid marriage.

Blue Marriages Matter,
Chief Scott & Leah Silverii

A First Responder Devotional : Police, Firefighter, Military, 911 Dispatcher, Corrections & EMT

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40 Days to a Better Police Marriage

40 Days to a Better Military Marriage

40 Days to a Better Firefighter Marriage

40 Days to a Better EMT Marriage

40 Days to a Better 911 Dispatcher Marriage

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