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Dr. Scott Silverii

Christ follower, husband, dad, author and retired chief of police discovering the amazing side of a servant's life.

Discover Our “WHY” Week -Day 3

Once you discover your passion, everything else makes sense. This week, lets discuss and discover our “why.” If you liked this message, please share the vision by passing it along. Help ignite a cultural revolution.

Discover Our “WHY” Week – Day 2 – A Rookie’s View from England

Like many of us do, we reach out over social media within our circles of interests to “meet” the best & brightest.I am fortunate enough to have become friends with a Brother in Blue and one of England’s newest rising coppers. Social Policing When asked by Chief Scott Silverii to write an entry for his blog, I did wonder for a while what I could write about that would be informative, interesting and insightful. After a little while longer, I realised I []

Train up a child….

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.  Proverbs 22:6 Returning to graduate school even before Max was born, he has only known a dad engaged in reading, writing and the joy of education. In addition to the prayers we share at this old table; reading and writing is a passion “we” now both enjoy. And what did my dad do? He was a teacher.  Train up a child….


The week of February 11 thru 15, 2013 is “People I Love” Week.     Day 1 – Long-term loyalty and commitment Day 2 – Wisdom and spirituality Day 3 – Fearless Christian leadership Day 4 – Forgiveness and reconciliation through prayer Day 5 – Mercy and healing This week of Valentine is traditionally reserved for romantic love. Often times the target of ones affections change and the next commercially driven day of “love” allows opportunities for a new target and new purchases to []

“PEOPLE I LOVE” Week – Day 5

Waverly Mercy and Healing This is the greatest love of all. The love God shows me. I have been obedient at times in my life and I have been downright rebellious in my life. God always loves me. Even when I walked away. In 2006 my son was born. The delivery came fast and complicated.  After a rushed surgery, a beautiful screaming baby boy arrived. He was perfect, and yet there was a sense of “what if” amongst the hospital staff. The next []