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FITx50 | wk 8

I’m a romance novel cover model – Really? Those writer’s conferences can get pretty wild, but you know fiction is crazier than reality. Hu? Speaking of conferences and fitness, I spent last weekend in North Carolina to present classes to amazing authors at the Writer’s Police Academy. It was a wonderful event as always. Even tough the pace was hectic and non-stop smoozing  – I did find time to exercise. As far as eating right, well not so much. But no worries []

Always Faithful | America’s Night Before

Police Dispatchers – Telling cops where to go for generations

True life lines, radio operators are the vital link between the public and police.

Community policing starts at the top – the Very top

Thibodaux Mayor Eschete and Bicycle Patrol

Mission Possible: TPD Accepts the ALS Ice Water Challenge

I’ve been challenged by numerous fantastically caring people over the last several weeks. We sat in a light-hearted brainstorming session this week to create a response video. Within 15 minutes the imaginative group of officers took a simple idea and ran with it. More pleasing to me as their Chief of Police was that everyone dropped their guard to join in. Even if it meant making fun of themselves. It was for a cause greater than anyone of us. In this era []

FIT x 50 – wk 6

Ahhhhhh —Youth. I get a kick out of the officers willingness to show me how far I’ve yet to go for reaching my fitness goals. Although, surrounding yourself with positive, health focused peers provides the motivation and accountability elements that lead to a sustained life change. I’ve been athletic my entire life, but rarely combined exercise and diet. I’m trying, but not so much of late. Good intentions with a poor roadmap will still lead you down a dead-end. Still killing the []

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