Dr. Scott Silverii

From Police Chief To Obscurity: What I Learned

From Police Chief To Obscurity: What I Learned. Suffering With PTSD, Addiction and Despair.

How To Be Forgiven By God

Can I be blessed without being forgiven? No. Forgiveness is the best blessing you can receive.

Do You Have The Need To Bleed?

The instability of how someone may feel on a certain day as an anchor for giving you worth is toxic.

Reflect Light

What happened to your little light? Was it dimmed by addiction, divorce, disappointment, abuse, dysfunction, depression or defeat?

Choose Your Weapon 🔥

SWAT, which stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, allowed access to resources most people will never imagine, but I continue to use the only one that both protected and convicted me.

The Second Day

The Second Day… Don’t miss the blessings of today as you recoup from the Good Friday activities and prepare for Easter Sunday’s []