Dr. Scott Silverii

Book Launch Team Members Needed

We Want You We are fired up over our Five Stones Press partnership with Men in the Arena & author Jim Ramos. Help us []

God Vision 2021: Global Resources

The Message God told Leah and I to offer up the personal publishing business we’d built over the years to the public. []

How Obedience After Retirement Led To A New Business Serving Christ

Learn how you too can create new opportunities in your life through obedience.    

Do This And Have Your Best New Year Ever

I’m praying that you have a wonderful new year. That starts the moment you make the only choice leading to real change. []

Do You Feel Unworthy Of Receiving God’s Good Gifts?

I was not a good receiver because I always assumed there was a catch to true receiving or that I had to reciprocate the giving.

Are You In A Season of Darkness? Walking Through Obscurity

Many of us have experienced being in a season of obscurity. Maybe we are in it right now. What is God doing in us in this season? You are challenged to think about the fact that he is activating your anointing.