Dr. Scott Silverii

Stay Salty My Friend

He’d rather you be against Him than to claim you are in Him while you’re living in the world. It’s good to be salty, or should I clarify; it’s good to be Spiritually Salty!

Bashing the VP Pick Threatens Your Witness. Do This Instead

We get too wrapped up in looking to man and government to fix this and save that. We forget that God is still and always will be in control. Simply put, God’s got this

RESPECT – You Have It, Men Need It

How incredible do you think Jesus felt to hear his Father show love, affirmation and respect?

What Five Kings Must You Kill?

Joshua was the man on a mission. God’s mission. His obedience and teachable spirit allowed him to walk in God’s will as he experienced victory after victory.

Garden of Eden Lessons For Social Media

God said it wasn’t good for man to be alone. While this example is popular for marriage lessons, I want to expand it to talk about social media.

Can You Hang On For $100 Dollars?

What happens within the atmosphere of discontent and rejection is we may either become bored, defiant or indifferent in our waiting.