Dr. Scott Silverii

Mullet Life. The Great Deception

Don’t allow open sanctuary doors to become more about, “Hello” than “Hallelujah”.

Hit The Wall Yet? How Many Times?

I think it was Bruce Lee who said “Be water.” It’s important to remain fluid in certain situations and understand that ultimately we are not in control.

Let Me Be Honest – I Struggled This Week. A Lot

Grabbing brief moments of distraction helps, but it’s not the answer. God is the answer and the only way we will have that peace that surpasses all understanding is to press into our relationships with Jesus Christ.

God Fights For You. Will You Allow Him To Win?

When we fight, we confront our enemy, ourselves and God – When we surrender, God gives us the victory that has already been won.

Marriage Matters: Do Something For Yours With Our At-Home Small Group

Marriage On The Rock LIVE Leah and I have led marriage groups in our home for years. We’ve seen relationships healed, restored []

Sunday’s Message: Will Jesus Return During the Census?

Is Jesus coming back? Yep!!

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