Dr. Scott Silverii

Why Men Walk Away: Generational Prodigals

Then I began to dig deeper into the previous generations by recording the same dynamics. Soon, I had created a family tree of truth.

Social Landmines In Today’s Spiritual Battlefield

This is where social pariah feed. Because, just as the crowd did to the contest’s winner; people without foundation will applaud you before they feast upon you. 

A Jew, a Catholic Priest and an Atheist Walk Into a Bar: Setting the Bar for Salvation

God knows you have needs, but He isn’t going to smash down your spiritual door like a SWAT team into a drug den. We simply open the door.

Talking About: Christians to LGBTQ: “Our sins Are Better Than Yours”

I sorta figured my latest article was going to grab attention. It did. Lots of attention, but I’m so appreciative of people sharing their heart along with their opinion. 

Christians To LGBTQ, “Our Sins Are Better Than Yours.”

The idea isn’t to knock fellow Christians, but to nudge them to stop leering over the fence, and start looking into the mirror. Believe it or not, no one has or will ever earn their way into heaven by pointing out everyone else’s sin.

Methodist Church Makes Stand | Will It Fall?

What are your thoughts about this? Has the United Methodist Church messed up by not changing with the times to remain culturally relevant?

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