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Well Anchored – By: Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

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An anchor is something that serves to hold an object firmly. A ship without an anchor will constantly drift. Stability requires anchors in your life. As a Christian, the teachings of Jesus serve as anchors in our life. The Lord says He writes His Word in our heart, and as we learn of Him, the tug on our heart will keep us in check and prevent us from drifting away. Anchors not only hold us in place, but…

My Friend, Jules | DV Survivor and Champion

This moving account of pain, punishment, and perseverance inspires me! It will bless you too. Her story of victory is meant to be shared. Please, I ask you to bless others with her open optimism. I came to know Jules as someone I enjoy kidding with. Mostly about our law enforcement jobs, and US v. UK jabs. She shared her story, and I grew to know Jules as someone I deeply respect and admire. Jules recently joined the London’s Metropolitan Police, and trained to []

Smiles Lead to Longer Life Span

Smiles Lead to Longer Life Span Posted on September 24, 2013 by mike As a kid, I attached valuable baseball cards to the spokes of my bike to make the sound of a motorcycle. Not everyone was destroying future investments. Researchers at Wayne State University examined photos of two hundred and fifty baseball players prior to 1950. They analyzed the smile or lack of smiles. Those that displayed no smile lived to 72.9 years old. Those with partial smiles lived to the []

Be an Oak

It was around 1981-82 that I decided I would quit my job to pursue the full-time ministry of an Evangelist. I had been taught by my Pastor that you never make major changes without prayer and fasting. I had a wife and two children at this time (my youngest was not yet born), and this decision would seriously affect their lives. I had to know it was God directing me. I took a few days off of work, and went on a []

The Required and the Desired

Those with children know that if you want them to do certain things, you will have to require it of them. I have five brothers, and grew up with one bathroom in the home. Our daily baths were done in resemblance to an assembly line – “ Next!” My Momma knew boys though. She would check behind our ears and under our neck to be sure we bathed. Cleanliness required bathing, and Momma knew you don’t get what you expect, you get []