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A Police Officer On Lessons From Ferguson

A veteran police officer says both the shooting of Michael Brown and the aftermath in Ferguson point to the need for conversation about police and community in the U.S. Jim Bueermann is president of the Police Foundation, a nonpartisan and nonprofit group that supports innovation and improvement in policing. Bueerman worked for the police department in Redlands, California, for 33 years, serving in every position, including as chief of police. Bueermann tells Here & Now’s Sacha Pfeiffer that policing is a joint activity []

Dr. Drew Interview

This was a difficult time for our city, but thankful for close community and respectful media coverage.      

K9 Swagger

K-9 handlers share a special bond with their partners. They even take them to the agency awards banquet.

It takes teamwork to land a baby gator

It’s not unusual to step up to your backyard pool for a dip, only to see the shadowy figure lurching along the bottom.

TBT – SWAT School (1990)

Always fun to shoot up stuff. Ever heard of a Nor’easter? We bayou boys learned real quick out in the plains of West Texas.

Well, ya see…

Fun with our city’s senior citizens – Community policing at every age.