The Blue Blitz


  Looking forward to this summer’s Big Fun Day for Thibodaux Jr Police and families.

Always Training

  Officers regularly endure mental, physical and emotional challenges to better prepare us to serve you.

Top Cop Blogs | we made the list

The How to Become a Police Officer website included Bright Blue Line in their annual Top 30 Police Blogs ranking of all law enforcement sites. Pass it along and invite someone to follow the positive policing experience. Thanks, Scott

An Honor

  Last season, NSU Coach Seth Thibodeaux invited me to speak with his team. It was an honor to meet so many true champions and community servants. Congrats on the historic season Coach.

Policing with compassion

Policing with Compassion: Renee Mitchell at TEDxOxbridge My friend, Sergeant Renee Mitchell, one of the great new innovators in re-inventing policing, shares her experience and the need to do it better. To show compassion and humanity while serving others. Great job Renee  

Bike Patrol wishes you an awesome summer vacation

Have fun but always be safe.