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blog page Chief Scott Silverii, PhD.

Chief Scott Silverii, PhD. has committed his career to getting the facts straight. Sharing the facts about writing police procedure is his passion. Silverii’s more than 25 years in law enforcement has been as exciting as most movies and novels. This is why he’s the writer’s story consultant of choice.

Who will you trust with your career?

Over two decades served with a nationally accredited agency and as a Chief of Police, Scott has worked and commanded every capacity of criminal law enforcement. From 12 years working undercover to 16 years in SWAT, Scott still actively works as a national subject matter expert and consultant for the federal government.

Think it’s tough on the streets?

It is, but it’s just as tough finding your space among peers. Get an edge on your competition by including the Chief on your team. There are so many police dramas in the movies, on television and novels that adding actual reality is now demanded by audiences.

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Chief Silverii is the Real Deal

  • Chief of Police (retired August 2015)
  • Over 25 years in policing
  • Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology
  • Command Assignments: Detectives Bureau, Special Operations Division, Narcotics & Violent Crimes Task Force, Uniform Patrol Division and SWAT.
  • DEA Task Force Agent
  • 12 years Undercover Operations
  • 16 years SWAT Missions
  • Law Enforcement Instructor and College Professor
  • Doctoral dissertation on law enforcement – A Darker Shade of Blue
  • Police procedural textbook based on multi-year research – Cop Culture: Why Good Cops Go Bad
  • Published author of both nonfiction and fiction series
  • Co-Founder SilverHart Writers
  • Experience helping successful writers Write It Like They Lived It

I Want The Chief On My Side

Writers of every genre and industry burn endless hours web surfing for unverified information. Your time is valuable – Get it right the first time. Your best work demands your best advantage. Chief Silverii will ensure your work has the edge that only an actual professional can provide.

Private Story Consulting

  • Phone or video call consultation (you may record all calls)
  • Novel read through (includes comments and recommendations)
  • Phone or video call follow-up on novel read through.
  • Script or Screenplay ( up to 110 pages with a call or video conference follow-up)
  • Live, on-site, or production set consultation – Let’s talk!

It’s easy to get started – Email me with consultation type in the header

Safe and secure direct payments via PayPal.

Special Notes

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Unless hired as a law enforcement subject matter expert, the private story consulting is intended to enhance nonfiction stories. All information is based on every experience of my extensive law enforcement career. No information should be considered admissible in an actual criminal law scenario.

In my career I’ve held federal government “Secret” level clearance. Everything we discuss is held in the strictest of confidence. Both of our reputations depend upon it. Everything from an initial conversation to final negotiation remains mission sensitive.