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Marriage Save More Cops Than Bulletproof Vests

Serving the public is tough. It’s also hard on the marriage. We’ve been in your boots, now it’s time we serve in a different fight. Let us help you become a Hero In Your Marriage.

“I retired as a Chief of Police after 25 years of service to start this ministry with my wife, Leah. I’ve been with you during 12 years in undercover ops, 16 years of SWAT missions, and decades of division leadership assignments before I became Chief. During those years I also suffered the pain of what serving the public does to family. Leah and I want to give back to our brothers and sisters. This private, online course helped save our family. We know without a doubt it will help yours.”

Chief of Police Scott Silverii, PhD (rtd)

Bulletproof Your Marriage

Blue Marriage’s Police Marriage Academy is an intensive, online counseling course created by cops, for cops. The confidential environment was created just for you and your loved one.

Leah and I cover the hot topics that usually create tension that leads to divorce. We speak the same language, and fully appreciate what life behind the thin blue line brings into a marriage.

Partner with us to build the skills to succeed.

Blue Marriage Matter,

Chief Scott & Leah Silverii

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