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Dad & Kiddo
Dad & Kiddo

Dr. Scott Silverii

Scott Silverii is a son of the living God. Scott was divorced and a single father for almost 20 years before meeting his wife, Leah. He brings sons to their marriage, including Max, an incredible young man blessed by Down syndrome. By centering their marriage on Christ, they’ve experienced the loving reality of a second chance.

Scott recently retired as a Chief of Police, and as a believer, served nearly 26 years in law enforcement. During his career, Scott spent 12 years undercover and time with the DEA during the dangerous 1990s. He also commanded a nationally accredited SWAT unit for 16 years, and lectured as a national subject matter expert on police data and prevention. Together, he and Leah created a web-based business which includes a publishing house and workshops for authors.

The Chief has earned a Master’s In Public Administration and a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. Scott’s groundbreaking research into police culture is documented in his book Cop Culture: Why Good Cops Go Bad. In 2015, Scott laid down his earthly crowns as he retired from policing to heed God’s calling.

Scott’s heart has been pierced not only to bring his own wounds into a healing light, but to serve God as an outreach to men suffering the separation from Christ. Most wonderfully, Scott enjoys his calling as follower of Christ, husband and father in a uniquely blended family.

Lead From The Front,



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Brick Breakers is Scott Silverii’s personal outreach. Scott retired after nearly 26 years in law enforcement as a Chief of Police to follow God’s calling. His heart was burdened for the wounded state of manhood.

Scott has and continues to experience the merciful forgiveness and healing gifted by Jesus Christ. His mission is to encourage others like him, who struggle to find peace in a broken world. Men have been under attack for decades, and it’s time to reclaim God’s intended role for men in the faith, the marriage, the family and the world.

Suffering in silence does nothing and time does not heal all wounds. Drop the ego and get connected to Bricker Breakers. It may just save your life.


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24 thoughts on “About Scott

  1. You’re email address left for Comm Center’s writings isn’t working. I keep getting an error message?

  2. Mr Silverii —

    My name is Blake Walker.

    I never knew Mr Jacobs — though after reading your article, I wish I had — but I knew his wife. She was my teacher in 7th Grade and left quite a mark on me. Is it possible that you could provide me with any contact information? Or might I relay a simple ‘thank you’ to her through you.

    She once prompted me — backed up with a riveting stare — to ask an intelligent question of a visitor we had in class one day. She meant business. I did (or tried to) ask a question that day. And I’ve strived my whole life to always ask ‘intelligent questions’, even when there’s been a cost. (Not everyone wants to hear them.) I guess it was a ‘right time, right place’ kind of thing, but that lesson stuck.

    It was also — most definitely — a ‘right teacher’ kind of thing.


    Blake Walker

  3. Hi, Scott. I found your sight by clicking on a twitter link tweeted by an author friend. I was curious because of your twitter name. You see, I am a novelist, but I am also a parent of a Nicholls State student. In fact, the last time my husband and I visited her (we are from TX), we were sitting in the Weeping Willow cafe and two cops walked in for lunch. Everyone in the place greeted them, addressing one as “chief.” But what impressed us most was that these two men bowed their heads and prayed before eating. I take it one of those men was you! As we come for graduation in December, we will be sad to say goodbye to the town that has meant so much to our daughter. Thank you for making it a safe place for her to live and learn. And thank you for being a man of public faith and integrity. God has obviously given you great favor and success. Bless you!

  4. Hi Anne,

    I’m at a rare loss for words. “Thank you” seems too minimal for expressing my gratitude for taking your time to send this note. I do frequent Weeping Willow, and do answer to Chief, and we absolutely bow before meals and fellowship with each other no matter the place.

    It just never occurred anyone may have noticed. Thibodaux is an amazing city, and I often share that God led me to leave a great law enforcement agency to serve the people of this city. He has blessed this administration, and I’m fortunate to be part of that grace.

    If your family has a moment while in town, it would be a pleasure to meet you guys and a fellow Believer & author. If your daughter needs anything at all until that time, you have direct connect with me.

    You cannot know the timeliness of your blessing.


  5. In these days that we are living in it’s surely nice to know that their are some God fearing police officers. By you being born again you make a great witness to the other officers. I pray that those who are under your leadership will become born again as well.

    I am sure you have those moments especially in your line of work that it can be odd, not different but odd. Reading your page about who you are I am reminded of Romans 13: 1-7 where it talks about “Submission To Human Authority In the Land”

    God bless and I look forward to reading more of your postings. May God’s blessings be upon you and your family, and may His protection always be around you.

  6. I am a retired LEO and every thing I see on this web site is fact based and hits at the heart of real policing. I thank you for your service and for this web site. I hope every LEO and any one thinking of this profession spend some time here and get the real story and the real way to police.
    Thank you

  7. Very good blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There
    are so many options out there that I’m totally overwhelmed ..
    Any ideas? Thank you!


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