Brick Breakers

Methodist Church Makes Stand | Will It Fall?

What are your thoughts about this? Has the United Methodist Church messed up by not changing with the times to remain culturally relevant?

March Madness: Day 4 | Some Days Are Diamonds

I was an empty vessel that was never going to be filled by Leah, no matter how much she poured into me. She knew that too, and this is where the beauty of a spouse comes to life.


Pride is not always conscious arrogance. Mostly it’s subconscious self-sufficiency.
It’s when we cease walking in our own strength that we follow Christ.

Let Christ Hold The Pieces Of Your Life Together | Jeff Walthers

Let Christ Hold The Pieces Of Your Life Together

Your Greatest Days Start Right Now

Brothers, that doubt is from darkness. Look to the Light of Christ & those old alibis that keep you shackled will shatter to your feet!

Dry Creeks In Your Life

Have you found yourself in a season where what was once good, has dried up,and you look around asking God what happened?

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