Brick Breakers

God’s Words For Your New Year: Purposeful and Intentional

Two words God gave me for 2019 are Purposeful and Intentional. You may grow tired of hearing them, but I know they were meant for you too.

Approaching The New Year Happily

The frenzy to make resolutions is more about traditions than realistic expectation to uphold the silent pledge just before the stroke of midnight.

Building A Better Man

Many religions no longer feed the masculine soul of a man. Why? Because the shift toward single moms and grandparents raising their progeny has tilted the church’s focus toward our wonderful sisters.

It wasn’t their choice—it was our absence.

I Am Who You Say I Am: Are You Really?

Who cares? Let’s only  focus only on who God says we are.

23 Days of 31: You Can Fix That

Everyone has hurt in their life. I mean, how can you not. This doesn’t mean everyone was abused or abandoned, or suffered through childhood. Maybe it was the loss of a parent or child, or divorce.

22 Days of 31: I Don’t Belong

Therein lies my plight. Although I’ve spent my entire career being in the center, I never felt that I belonged wherever it was I found myself. I’m not an introvert by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s always this nagging tick of inferiority.

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