Sergeant Joe Boxer Wants You

FAST Beta Cover

Sergeant Joe Boxer Wants You:
Are you a thriller fan? Willing to give honest opinions to help make this novel a great read? Sign up for your Free beta ebook. Only obligations are filling out a short survey, AND keeping the work confidential.
I’ve got an amazing pre-published team of readers. I’m opening the Team for a few more Beta Readers. You get a first read at my in progress novel – FAST: A Joe Boxer Thriller.
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Also, as a member of the team, you have first access to each book in the series – just click and BAM, you’re covering down over Sergeant Joe Boxer’s 6 as he defends America.
Former United States Army Green Beret, Joe Boxer, is part of a little known specialized tactical unit in the DEA. This American hero not only lost his leg in Middle Eastern combat, but also his partner at the hands of a corrupt puppet regime placed in power by soiled American interests. Boxer is now forced to lead the fight against domestic terrorism in a war he never imagined he’d fight on US soil.
This blue-collar American veteran wants vindication for his friend’s murder. Joe Boxer struggles with an amputee’s challenge, but doesn’t succumb to it as he battles his way onto DEA’s elite FAST Team 5 in hopes of returning to the Middle East for exacting revenge. Boxer is challenged to overcome PTSD’s horror of combat, the addiction of pain management medications post-op, and learning that he’s still very much the man he was prior to the roadside bomb that claimed his leg.