Was Peter a Failure Or a Water Walker?

Was Peter a Failure Or a Water Walker? The Holy Spirit is on the move this week and He’s prompting you to []

Stay Salty My Friend

He’d rather you be against Him than to claim you are in Him while you’re living in the world. It’s good to be salty, or should I clarify; it’s good to be Spiritually Salty!

What Five Kings Must You Kill?

Joshua was the man on a mission. God’s mission. His obedience and teachable spirit allowed him to walk in God’s will as he experienced victory after victory.

Can You Hang On For $100 Dollars?

What happens within the atmosphere of discontent and rejection is we may either become bored, defiant or indifferent in our waiting. 

Just Before the River Ran Dry: Waymaker

As a Thank You for supporting Five Stones Church Online, I’m giving a free copy of my latest book, UnBreakable: From Past Pain to Future Glory to the first 100 supporters. 

Feeling Squeezed By Your Past? Cutting Soul Ties

Still Trapped? I realize this is an odd question after months of major restrictions, but do you ever feel trapped? I mean []