Jesus From Palms To Thorns: Be Who They Want, Or Else

Stumbling through life from circumstance to happenstance is how too many of us men fumble through life. Without purpose or intention, we become victims of everyone’s whim while trying to avoid the thorns and wondering what happened to the palms.

A Jew, a Catholic Priest and an Atheist Walk Into a Bar: Setting the Bar for Salvation

God knows you have needs, but He isn’t going to smash down your spiritual door like a SWAT team into a drug den. We simply open the door.

March Madness: Day 7 | Keep Looking Up…

We’d also lost who we were, and what we knew of each other. That’s when we choose to look up, and set our sights on what was truly important in this life – God – each other – family – and everything else.

March Madness: Day 1 | The Birthday Dash

March Madness: Day 1 It’s March! That used to mean a mad dash to accomplish everything manly before my birthday on the []


Procrastination is sometimes just the fear of taking the next step. You think you’re stuck until you realize you just haven’t made the decision to move.

Let Christ Hold The Pieces Of Your Life Together | Jeff Walthers

Let Christ Hold The Pieces Of Your Life Together