Live Your Life With Purpose

Live Your Life With Purpose
You are no accident. God created you with His intention for a very special purpose.

Intentional | Life the Way God Designed It

We naturally respond to situations through emotion and action. Often times, the outcomes aren’t what we expected or wanted. Yet, we find ourselves unable to apologize, afraid of the consequences or just ashamed of what we’ve done.


ANXIETY?? QUICK WORD ABOUT STRESS RELIEF: There is a direct correlation between humility and stress relief. Only when we humbly surrender every []

Your Sin Hurts Others

What did Bathsheba’s husband do to deserve being set up and murdered? Nothing. But King David’s sexual sin caused innocent blood to spill. Who are we hurting when we sin? 

Linger In God’s Spirit

Let’s make the time to pray, and when we do, let’s not treat the time like a to do wish list. Slow down and spend time in the relationship with our Father.

Choose Life..You Have The Power:

Be intentional in your decisions. God gives us power to choose life, real real, so let’s make an intentional effort to choose wisely – choose life.